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Introducing the Repair Request Builder from HousePros Insights & Inspections

HousePros Insights & Inspections Repair Request Builder allows our real estate agent partners to quickly select which of our recommendations to include in a custom report to send to the listing agent. At HousePros Insights & Inspections, we truly value your partnership and want to do everything we can to service our mutual clients while making your job a little easier.

You get HTML and PDF documents that include our language and allow you to enter in a requested credit amount and custom comments. Let us know if you have any questions!

From our modern online inspection scheduling systems that you can access from your phone to our detailed and complete online reports, House Pros make is easy for busy real estate agents to work with us.

We perform modern, complete inspections of a home’s condition for your clients. We are dedicated professionals to protect your reputation and your client’s safety, interests and investment. Our inspections are detailed and comprehensive. Our online and pdf modern reports help your buyer make an informed decision.

You will feel comfortable knowing that you have a certified professional to answer questions and provide honest information.


    Our goal is to make the home inspection process fast, easy, and complete. We deliver flexible scheduling, affordable rates, home inspection service and home insights.

    Home Pros is the best choice for your clients


    With our advanced tools and technology, such as moisture detectors, CFCI testers, gas detectors, thermal imaging cameras, and drones, the inspection will be more thorough in identifying hidden issues that other home inspectors may overlook, and ensure you and your client is fully informed about the condition of the home.


    We deliver professional and consistent service with emails, text reminders and insightful reports. We clearly communicate so you can stay up to date on scheduling, project completion, inspection report delivery, billing and more. We work hard to deliver high quality service to help create a professional long-lasting relationship.


    Our Repair Pricer helps agents save time. No more waiting on contractors to give you cost estimates. Reduce liability, speed up negotiation, close more deals, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce stress.


    Rather than old, slow, paper reports, we use a modern online report system. We are able to quickly generate comprehensive, insightful, visual inspection reports. The reports include videos, images, supporting documentation in an easy-to-read format and summary that helps you and your clients understand the condition of the property.

Modern Home Inspection Reports That Are Helpful

Three different screens displaying the Spectora software

A table of contents that jumps you to any section at any time.


Text summary of defects to easily copy/paste into your Repair Addendum.


Easy filters that only show you major safety hazards or defects.


A simple summary that shows you how many items you need to be aware of.


A PDF version of your report for saving or printing.